A key part of any successful business divestiture is creating a competitive environment – hence to include several potential buyers in the bidding process, but still ensure the required level of confidentiality. Our professional project management based on more than 30 years of experience enables us to get this done.

Our “getting it done” approach includes the analysis of all factors influencing the company’s value, developing a strong investor story, compiling the necessary documentation for the sale, approaching the potential buyers identified together with you, handling the negotiations and ultimately finalizing the deal successfully.



Also on the buy side you can rely on our “getting it done” approach. We conduct you throughout the entire process, beginning with the identification of potential targets, followed by the establishment of personal contact with the potential seller, the evaluation of the potential target and ultimately conducting the negotiations and finalizing the transaction successfully.



You are in the process of acquiring a company and need support with the integration? A successful integration is decisive for your acquisition to deliver the value you expect. With a professional integration we make sure that you really achieve the objectives which you strive for with your acquisition.

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You have identified the necessity to restructure your company? For getting that done you need an experienced manager who supports you with the necessary measures, compensates lacking management capacities and based on his expertise and leadership qualities ensures that the targets are reached? We get this done for you as an interim manager within a specified period of time by implementing the necessary measures with a lot of commitment and intuition.